7 Diagnostic Questions to Gauge Pride in Your Life

Pride plays no favorites. It cripples and ripples without regard to position, power, or past. Just ask King Saul. That being true, here are seven diagnostic questions that will help us gauge and measure the depth of pride in our life. Collectively, these can act … Read More

What to Look For In a Church

A few years ago as I was teaching from Acts 2-4, I, almost in passing, threw out some observations about what people should look for in a church. Not that these qualities are unimportant; rather, it wasn’t the bulls-eye target of the text that day. But … Read More

Happy Birthday Phil Smith—You’re a Chain Breaker!

This weekend we’re in Adrian, MI celebrating the 90th birthday of my father-in-law, Phil Smith, pictured here between his wife, Norma (right), and my wife/his daughter, Julie (left). What a delight to reminisce with my wife’s family about this great and godly man they know as … Read More

The Fullest ‘Empty’ I’ve Ever known

I came home to an empty house today. Oh, not ’empty’ as in the sense of unfurnished. More like unoccupied. And don’t get me wrong—Julie and I are still there. But for the first time in 27 years, we’re the only ones there. There’s no … Read More

We Were Multiplying (And I Didn’t Even Know It)

When I returned from my sabbatical in 2015, one theme from God’s Holy Spirit burned hot in my heart: Mobilize to multiply. God’s passion for the nations had never been more clear to me, and the most logical place to start doing that was with the … Read More

What Would You Tell Dads With Daughters?

In a few days Julie and I will take our last-born daughter to college in Iowa City. For all practical purposes, we’ll be empty nesters next week (as well as Hawkeye fans for a while). Hard to believe, but it’s true. Yep, the last one … Read More

The Question I Promised To Answer

It was inevitable. A pastor can’t preach on sin—the doctrine of hamartiology was the focus of my message Sunday—without dealing with depravity (both total and utter). And any discussion concerning depravity eventually leads to someone asking about the age of accountability. Such was the case … Read More