Where Does Compassion Come From?

A few years ago an attender of our church asked me, on the heels of our series opener from Jonah, “So how can I have a deeper compassion for people, especially those who are not like me?” To be quite honest, I didn’t know what … Read More

The Short, Subcommittee Speech

On Tuesday of this week I was asked by the Family Leader to testify at a subcommittee hearing on Wednesday regarding support for Senate Joint Resolution 9, a bill that would amend the Iowa Constitution by adding a section (sec. 26) that says, “The Constitution … Read More

Tunneling into the Topic: Repentance

Often, on the heels of a message, I’ll post additional articles for our hearers that give further insight, clarity, and application regarding that text and/or topic. Such is the case today, and the topic we’re boring into more deeply is repentance (Mark 1:1-8). Undoubtedly, repentance … Read More

Let’s “Score” Some Additional Insight into Singing

To complement my message from Colossians 3:16 on the essential habit of congregational singing, here are some extra articles and podcasts on the subject as well. What if I Can’t Sing? Sing Your Heart Out at Church (Even If You Hate the Music) The Role … Read More

Fasting: A Few Words on Why and How

Fasting is the spiritual discipline that forces us to face the reality that there is something more important and essential to our life than even food. It’s God and his kingdom, and when we fast, we grow into the realization that, though the physical world … Read More

The Five (non Fox News Style)

The narrative of Namaan in 2 Kings 5 is essentially an Old Testament missionary story that serves as a window into God’s amazing saving work. It is a historical event that displays theological truths about the most remarkable thing that has been—and is—going on in … Read More

Proximity, Complexity, and Simplicity

“Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways” (Romans 11:33). The closer I get to something, the larger it gets. And the larger it gets, the more appreciative I become.  It’s … Read More

Monday Morning Musings for September 17, 2018

The more I meditate on “seeking what’s up” and “setting my mind on what’s up” (Colossians 3:1-4), the more I realize what’s truly going on: a glory war. That’s right —whose glory will occupy my attention: God’s or man’s? When I’m earth-bound and horizontally focused, … Read More

Monday Morning Musings for September 10, 2018

I bet many of you have heard the verse in Isaiah 55 that promises God’s Word will not return void. Remember it? Just in case, here it is: “So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me … Read More