The Grace and Grit to Regather

Leaders across our state and country are asking this question increasingly: When, and how, should we begin regathering? What does it look like to reconvene in a COVID-19 culture? It Will Take Grace Without a doubt there are multiple answers to that question. They will … Read More

Weep Not For Me

I’ve had a lifelong desire to live to be 100. For some reason, I have always felt a pull to be a centenarian. Admittedly, only God knows our ordained days. But if I could pick a target age, I’d shoot for the first of the … Read More

Idols are like Weeds: They Grow Back

COVID-19 has brought us face to face with many of our idols. As various elements of our lifestyle were wrangled away from us in varying degrees—sports, work, entertainment, shopping, leisure, to name a few—the stark reality of our addictions were exposed. The days and weeks … Read More

Not Beyond or Below: What Does the Bible Actually Say?

When it comes to discerning what we read, hear, and especially what we say, a necessary rule to use is this: “Does this line up with what the Bible actually says?” Notice the point – what the Bible actually says, not what you wished it said, … Read More

Union with Christ: 4 Recommended Books

Union with Christ is that key doctrine underneath so many other doctrines. With more than 175 references to either “in Christ,” “in Christ Jesus,” or “(Christ) in you,” union with Christ is a permeating thread through all of the New Testament. It is the necklace … Read More


There are some words that leave an eternal imprint on us once we read them. Their impact never goes away from the moment we see them. We never forget them once we hear them. Such is the case with “marvelous” in Mark 12:11. Meaning strikingly … Read More

What’s Underneath the 42 Names?

Matthew’s genealogy (Matthew 1:1-17), the royal “family tree” of Jesus, is a poetic, numeric defense of Christ’s right to the throne of David. He employs the number 14, the total numeric value of the consonants in the Hebrew name David (D=4, V=6, D=4), to accurately, … Read More

Christmas Irony

When it comes to Nativity scenes and Christmas plays, I think the least favorite part to play is probably a shepherd. In the few re-enactments I remember (and I use that word loosely), there weren’t many, if any, of us boys scrambling for the staff. … Read More

Our True Christmas Leader

We all know it’s Christmas. Just look around and you can easily see its December. But guess what else is going on right now? End-of-year political promises from our elected leaders.  Just check out your inbox, blog feed, radio, TV, or the Internet and you’ll … Read More