God’s Sovereignty—It’s Not About Us!

Often we like God’s Sovereignty when it makes sense to us…when it makes my life “work out” or look better. But that is really not the filter to use when trying to get a grasp on God’s sovereignty, for it leaves us as the end … Read More

God’s Sovereignty – Rick Davis Style

I was struck last night (at our event “Marriage: Unplugged”) by the number of times Rick, our Featured Mobilizer this month for missions, encouraged us to “let God be God.” Granted — God isn’t waiting on our permission or approval (duh!)…but it’s just our human … Read More

God’s Sovereignty

The focus of this week’s message was the sovereign nature of God, and all I can say is WOW! (By the way, don’t expect me to cover it in a week!) 🙂 Anyway, amazing, eh? We say we have choice, and it certainly appears that … Read More