God’s Faithful Nature

Reading Isaiah 55 has left me with a simple word that best describes God’s faithful character: He is consistent! Granted — that word hasn’t been the first word to roll of my tongue when I’m thinking about faithfulness, but it may well be more in … Read More

God’s Jealousy Understood Simply

Let me see if I can help us understand God’s jealousy in a simple way. Essentially, he is not jealous of someone, but jealous for something. And that something, though it involves us in various aspects, is all glory and worship. Remember what he said … Read More

God’s Exclusive Nature and Oprah

God’s exclusive nature doesn’t settle well with those who only want a benign, passive God. Why? Because exclusivity means possessiveness. And rightly so! Any covenant relationship that doesn’t have a bibically correct view of fierce loyalty (i.e., “jealousy”) isn’t a covenant relationship at all. It’s … Read More

God’s Exclusive Nature…He Alone Owns Me!

As we think about God’s exclusive nature in Isaiah 49, keep in mind that we are not talking about his exclusivity in regards to himself (his holiness…i.e., he is intrinsically different), nor are we talking about his exclusivity in regards to the world (his sovereignty). … Read More

Applying the Restoration/Renewal Principle

Okay, here is Isaiah 34-35 in a sentence: God will restore fully one day, and he fully renews today. But what do we do with this principle we have learned about God’s character. It’s great that he is a God of restoration one day, and … Read More

God’s Restoration and God’s Renewal: The Difference

Isaiah 34-35, as a unit, is a coin with two sides….a battery with two teminals. Is. 34 talks about God’s retribution (-), and Is. 35 talks about God’s restoration (+). And this restoration will be a perfect completion to his 1) kingdom, 2) people, and … Read More

God’s a Great Farmer (Isaiah 28:23-29)

Three verbs tell us how we should appraoch this first WOW passage — “listen” … “hear” … “pay attention.” Here’s why: Isaiah is laying out for us God’s real intent in plowing — fruit! (29:24-26) If we aren’t listening we could miss this and think … Read More

Jeremiah’s Positive Side to God’s Discipline

As I was meditating on the five WOW passages in Isaiah 28-33, God’s Spirit brought a verse from Jeremiah to mind that also speaks of God’s positive intent even in the middle of seemingly negative discipline/training — Jeremiah 29:11! “For I know the plans I … Read More

God’s Discipline is His Delight

The main chapters in view for March 2 are Isaiah 28-33, all of which begin with “Woe” except for one (ch. 32). I call them the 5 “Woes,” for they talk about the chastening/discipline God is bringing upon the nation and city because of their … Read More

God is a Disciplining Daddy

As I pull together my thoughts/notes for Sunday, March 2 (Isaiah 28-33 and God’s chastening nature), it is accompanied by a glaring passage in Hebrews 12 that echoes and reinforces what Isaiah is saying: God always brings out the best in his kids! Sure, in … Read More