Neighbors and Nations is a periodic podcast released in seasons designed to stir within Christians, especially pastors and church planters, a deeper awareness of and commitment to missions, both global and local.

Through interviews with people from all walks of life who are embracing God's passion for all peoples in all kinds of ways, Neighbors and Nations hopes to help awaken the sleeping giant called the church towards the task given to her in Jesus' last words: Make disciples of all nations!


Episode 1: Todd Stiles

Hear the heartbeat behind the genesis of the podcast and what makes this topic the aim of all the interviews.


Episode 2: Johnny Hunt

Hear why sowing gospel seeds matters, and why one should never underestimate the power of a simple invitation to church. Johnny Hunt’s story illustrates this perfectly! Listen in as Todd interviews Johnny about his own conversion, the need to persevere in witnessing, why your testimony can be a powerful tool, and how sending your own can be the spark that ignites a global perspective in your church..


Episode 3: Sara Hentzel

An undying passion for missions, even when her husband was murdered on the mission field, is the beautiful story Sara shares as she talks with Todd about life as a single woman in the mission force.


Episode 4: Ronnie Floyd

Ronnie shares why pastors shouldn't negotiate the priority of evangelism, how business people are critical to the mission of the church, and gives practical tips for both pastors and members from his time at Cross Church in Arkansas. Plus, hear Ronnie's own story of conversation and calling, and why every town, city, state, and nation matters when it comes to world evangelization.


Episode 5: Eric Trout

A young church planter in a rural setting, Eric Trout has brought his church along to participate in missions far beyond his small town. Hear how, plus how he and his wife’s journey of adoption gave them a platform for local outreach. Be refreshed by this planter/pastor who lives out a calling for both neighbors and nations.


Episode 6: Kevin Ezell

In episode 6, Todd talks with Dr. Kevin Ezell, President of the North American Mission Board, about the importance of modeling and multiplying, his top key actions in his first nine years as President of NAMB, and what he did as a pastor to keep both neighbors and nations front and center for his flock. And you’ll no doubt enjoy his plainly compelling sense of humor!


Tim Lubinus, David Nelms, Brad Buser, and Kim Robinson